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Spiritual Salon
The Afro Animist Podcast

We know how much you love listening to our conversations on the podcast, and now we want you to join in too- in our Spiritual Salons!

What’s a Salon?

Picture this- it’s 17th Century France. The bustles are bustling, the enlightenment is, well… enlightening and Women, who are kept out of Higher Education are taking their learning into their own hands by holding ‘Salons’ in their homes. In creating spaces where they can talk with each other, Philosophers, musicians, mathematicians and other luminaries, they not only gain a wealth of wisdom but also lay the groundwork that kicks off the French Revolution. The power of focused minds, eh?


That’s what WE are looking to create, with YOU. By holding these Spiritual Salons, we will be talking about Esoteric and Occult topics galore. By creating a space where we can talk about Spirituality, Wellness, Witchcraft, Herbalism (and the list goes on!) in open and abstract ways, we each help to move forward these exciting topics between us. 

Salons will be alternating between online to reach our international community and London, to reach our London and South England Community. 

Want to be a part of the movement? Sign up to our mailing list for event dates!

Keep your third eye open and we’ll see you there! Nicky and Love xxx

Afro Animist Spiritual Salons Esoteric Occult.png

Sign up for Spiritual Salons Here!

Thanks for your interest in Spiritual Salon! We look forward to seeing you at future online and in person events

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