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The Magickal Women's Conference 2022

We're going to be at THE MAGICKAL WOMEN'S CONFERENCE 2022!

In this talk about working with the Shadow in the context of Afro Indigenous Practices, we will share history about the sacred craft of Obeah, an African Diasporic Chaos Magic.

Obeah itself is a closed practice, so a slight omnist approach will be taken while explaining practice.

Obeah was a necessary system in keeping Marooned Afro-Caribbeans spiritually empowered during chattel slavery.

It is a modality for bringing the ‘Shadow’ to the surface; an imperative practice within Chaos Magic practice.

A short opening ceremony will align the attention and energy of the room; an important aspect of Obeah. To set the scene, we will provide the historical background of Obeah. Following this, a brief explanation of the Jungian Shadow, and demonstrating where this appears throughout Afro Indigenous culture. We will then discuss the practices used to reveal shadow in Obeah. Working with archetypes is integral to Obeah. Journey-working with ‘duppies’ (spirits) allows the seeker to find and understand parts of the self that are denied from the public-facing world. We will illustrate Archetypes that can be worked with in European pantheons to achieve similar effects. We will conclude with a 10 minute guided journey into ‘innerspace’.

Through drumming and voice we use sound to go into the space that represents the shadow for each participant, while keeping in mind mental safety for the audience.

Nicola Roffe (left) is a Shamanic Practitioner, Obeahwoman and spiritual podcaster. She has spent 15 years exploring spiritual traditions, taking initiation into Vedic and Shamanic practices, and coming back to the Animist Shamanic tradition of my ancestors through Obeah under Obi Emma Kathryn. She holds space for women’s practices, building community through connection and self healing.

Jay Percy (right) is an Obeahwoman, Sacred Artist and Spiritual Podcaster. Through exploration of art and careful work with entheogens I have regained my hereditary ancestral path of Obeah and officially initiated into the cra under Obi Emma Kathryn. She creates Divine Feminine, Sacred Art that discusses the nature of energy, and educates on self-healing through understanding Afro Diasporic Spiritualities and Entheogens. Together they host the Afro Animist Podcast, exploring the secular through the spiritual, discussing life experiences through a sacred lens. They aim to get to the heart of what it means to be Spiritual and Afro-Diasporic in an opposing world.

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