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Huit Étoiles by Maison Shehu

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

A beautiful perfume oil inspired by the Major Arcana tarot card - The Star XVII

Huit Étoiles | Eight Stars

"A woody and floral scent, evocative of the night sky, enchantment and the timeless flow of feminine power. Inspired by the Major Arcana tarot card XVII—the Star—it celebrates creativity, enlightenment and renewed hopes."

We met Aisha - the nose and creator at Maison Shehu - at the Magickal Women's Conference: Illuminating the Dark 2022. When we walked into the event, we were faced with the most beautiful magickal products, and I was immediately drawn to Aisha. To find a perfume made with intention is very special!

One thing I prefer about oil based perfumes is that they don't seem to carry the harshness of alcohol based ones, Huit Étoiles absorbed beautifully to my skin and through out the day of the conference I could smell it on me. It lasted for hours. It's a thick consistency, and you do not need to use a lot at all. Which makes me very happy because I find I am constantly re-applying my usual perfumes!

This perfume literally called my name because of the magick put into it.

The blend is made up of -

Head notes—lemon, peppermint;

Heart notes—rose, geranium;

Base notes—patchouli, cedar wood, sandalwood, jasmine

And these are some of my absolute favourite smells for connecting with spirit. The mix of rose and sandalwood speaks to me of healing and the scent of jasmine evokes feelings of being close to the divine.

With these notes, and the magick Aisha has put into this, being made in connection with the energies of the moon and the inspiration of the tarot, it has fast become my favourite perfume oil!

To hear more about this perfume, listen to our upcoming episode with Maison Shehu, where we talk to Aisha about all things Magick!

Check out Maison Shehu -

We have a wonderful interview with Aisha, coming out on 14th December. Join us to hear her beautiful process of creation!

With Love and Magick


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